Indoor Track and field 2023-24

Middle Schoolers: You must print all 4 forms below. Staple them together. Fill out the Parent Permission form and turn into a coach. Physical fitness testing is afterschool at Maple on 11/6 or 11/8, your choice

Appendix B Parent Permission Form.pdf
APP Coach Evaluation Appendix D.pdf
APP fitness test score form Appendix E.pdf
Appendix C Physical Maturity Form.pdf

General Indoor Program Information:


-          Varsity Head Coach: Chris Conley,

-          Varsity Assistant Coaches: Shane Zanetti,, Tom Reilly,, Cole Harris, Jay Navin, and Jon Hoek

Communication: Please do these 3 things ASAP

1. Visit our website:

2. Download the Parent / Student Square App and turn on text notifications

3. Join our Team Canvas Page: (many of you are on already)


-          Official practice for Grades 9-12 begins on November 13 at 2:45pm at the high school

-          Official practice for Grades 7-8 begins on November 20 at 2:45pm at the high school

-          During the school year, we will meet at the high school for all levels. On certain days, we MAY meet at another location. Coaches will communicate this information as needed via Parent / Student Square, and more in-depth updates will be shared.

-          There is a bus that will drop Maple Ave. students at the high school. From there, they can change in our locker room and meet with the high school athletes. If the Maple shuttle is unavailable, we will send an announcement over Remind

-          6 days a week, Monday- Saturday. Sometimes we have meets on Sunday. If that is the case you will get a weekday off. On school days practice will start at 2:45 sharp and finish between around 5pm (each event group may be a little different. On days we do not have school we will practice at 9am and will be done between around 11am. This may vary based on event group coaches schedules.

Schedule: See top of page!

Practice occurs in event groups. Please consider where you'd like to train (Coaches will also offer input)

Sprint/Jump/Hurdle- Coach Conley

Throws- Coach Hoek 

Mid-Distance and Hurdle- Coach Reilly

Distance- Coach Zanetti


-          Good running shoes: Nike Pegasus, Saucony Speed Endorphin 3, and Hoka Cliftons are a few popular suggestions. See the experts at Irun Local or Fleet Feet for more information.

-          A running watch- usually $20-30 at Target or Wal-Mart. THIS IS A NEED!!

-          Clothing for weather on the given day. We practice in almost any conditions.

-          Uniform: 

Athletes purchase their own uniform bottoms (purchasing a jacket is optional). This will occur at parent info night (TBD date). If purchasing your own bottoms are not financially possible, the coaches will provide a pair for the season.

Tops: Same for everyone, provided by the coaches. MUST BE RETURNED

Bottoms: Compression Skinz for Sprint/Jump, Endurance Shorts for Mid- Distance and Distance, Field Shorts for Throwers

Jackets: Optional for all


-          Registration must be completed and submitted on Family ID. Link at the top of the page

-          ALL ATHLETES: Sign up for Varsity Boys Indoor Track. See the link below!

-          Make sure your physicals are up to date

-          If you did NOT create a Family ID account last year, you must create one. Then sign up.

-          If you did create an account last year, you just need to log in, update any necessary information, and sign up.


If you are a Middle Schooler you must be moved up to Freshman. THERE IS NO MODIFIED. you must also complete the Athletic Placement Process paperwork before APP evaluations on 11/6 in the Maple Ave gym from 2:20-3:15

Testing for the Athletic Placement Process is being held on November 6th after school at Maple Ave. The testing will be conducted by Maple Ave PE teacher, Laura Cuthbertson. We will need all paperwork for eligible athletes by November 5th. The APP forms can be found linked below (Parent Permission and Physical Maturity), also a link at the top of the page

Appendix B Parent Permission Form.pdf
APP Physical Maturity Form.pdf