Cross Country 2024

General XC Program Information:


-          Varsity Head Coach: Shane Zanetti,

-          Freshman Head Coach: Tom Reilly,

-          Modified Coach: Cole Harris,

Communication: 3 Important things!

1. Visit or website:

2. We will add you to our Student Square Group. Make sure all notifications are turned on so you don’t miss group Posts and Messages!

3. Join our Team Canvas Page: (many of you are on already)

Cross-country is a team sport that is based on individual effort. A team is only as strong as the individuals that comprise it. On this team you will be coached as individuals in an effort to make the team as successful as possible. A commitment to team excellence on your behalf, will lead to individual success. The two are NOT mutually exclusive!!

Vision of the Saratoga Springs Boy’s Cross-Country Program:

To help develop young men who are committed to excellence as young men, students, and as athletes

Program Expectations:

1.   Approach each day with an excitement and enthusiasm uncommon amongst high school student-athletes

2.   Work hard and do your best every day

3.   Act in a selfless manner- always consider the effect of your actions on others

4.   Be present- focus on how you can maximize the moment you find yourself in

5.   Be grateful- you will have a tremendous amount of support

6.   Represent- everything you do, good or otherwise, will reflect on the program

7.   Enjoy the process- have fun. You can only be on a team like this for a small window of time.

8.   Communication- take responsibility for yourself

9.   BELIEVE- In yourself and in your teammates

One of the primary goals of this season will be to build and develop a culture that leads to the achievement of the programs vision. This will be your legacy!


-          Official practice begins on August 26 at 8:30 am at the Pitney Meadows Community Farm (223 West Ave., Saratoga Springs) for 9-12 Graders and September 3 at 8:30 am for Mofified (7-8 graders)

-          Use the 2nd Entrance (closest to the YMCA). We meet next to the High Tunnel (front, main Greenhouse)

-          During the school year, practice is held at the high school for all levels. On certain days, we MAY meet at another location. Coaches will communicate this information as needed via REMIND, and more in-depth updates will be shared.

-          There is a bus that will drop Maple Ave. students at the high school. From there, students will use the high school locker room to get changed.

-          6 days a week, Monday- Saturday. On school days practice will start at 2:45 sharp and finish between 4:30 and 5pm. On days we do not have school we will practice at 8:30am and will be done between 10:15 and 10:30.


-          Good running shoes: Nike Pegasus, Asics NovaBlast, and Saucony Endorphin Speeds are a few popular suggestions. See the experts at Irun Local or Fleet Feet for more information.

-          A running watch- usually $30 at Target or Wal-Mart. THIS IS A NEED!!

-          Clothing for weather on the given day. We practice in almost any conditions.

-          Uniform: Athletes purchase their own shorts (top will be provided by the school if you do not already own one, jacket is optional). Families will be able to purchase shorts and a jacket from our team inventory at our Parent Information Night in late August.


-       Registration must be completed and submitted on Arbiter Sports.

- We will open registration on: 

July 28th for all Freshman/JV/Varsity Programs

August 5th for all Modified 7th, 8th and Mod 9 Programs

-          Make sure your physicals are up to date

-          On the school website under athletics, it walks you through Arbiter Sports if necessary!

-          If you did NOT create a Arbiter Sports account last year, you must create one. Then sign up.

-          If you did create an account last year, you just need to log in, update any necessary information, and sign up.

-          If you are a Middle Schooler that will be moved up to Freshman (based on coach’s decision and athlete experience), you must also complete the Athletic Placement Process paperwork before the end of the school year. This only applies to a small group of athletes.


-          The meet schedule will be finalized over the summer. For long term planning purposes, the meets generally begin the first week of September and are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Modified meets are generally Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most people will end their season on the final Saturday of October. Top level Varsity will continue through November and into early December! More details will be provided when a schedule is finalized.

PreSeason Info Packet.pdf
Athletic Placement Process Packet.pdf